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East America was a systematic land with guidelines, rules and laws that were almost never broken. The city was full of good-natured people who loved music but lacked originality. They would listen and create music but it was all generic – all the same. They liked it that way. Those who created music that sounded exactly like the greats before them were viewed as heroes... but every hero has its villain.

W.E.L. Spoken was the most notorious mastermind in all of East America. Through various compositions and instrumental experimentation he found the Holy Grail of sound and used it for pure and utter evil. He wanted nothing more than to destroy East America with hard hitting drum patterns, treacherous synths and diabolical, home grown monstrosities. His lab is the birthplace of what has caused havoc throughout East America and ultimately led to its oblivion. When he released his beats and evil creations, those titans of music ripped through the streets until nothing was left. All of the other music created in all of the land was reduced to nothingness and forgotten by all. W.E.L. reached success in his life long dedication of making sure whack ass music was never thought of again. He killed it and will continue killing it as long as there are more places with anything that sounds less than ill. He and his minions are on their way West to another America, where history is sure to repeat itself.

Mason was found on the steps of W.E.L. Spoken’s laboratory in East America as a newborn baby. Some might say he was a child of destiny, others, the twisted experiment of an unequipped father figure. Growing up in East America with W.E.L. Spoken as a father figure was quite rigorous. He was trained and practically tortured into becoming the nastiest MC to ever grace a beat. Long days and sleepless nights of regimented flow exercises, lyrical precision courses, and tight living quarters with pounding bass molded him into a super MC – a super MC created by an evil mind who just happened to stumble upon the perfect specimen at an impressionable age. W.E.L. Spoken’s vision that started when he found this hopeless child is now complete – except the experiments and lifestyle have gone too far. W.E.L Spoken has made him a monster, an audio savage and a vicious behemoth of a rapper. He’s not even a rapper... he’s what haunts other rappers when they sleep at night. The destroyer of sound, who has far outgrown his foster father’s control, now wreaks havoc on W.E.L Spoken beats and any other to cross his path.

Momoh grew up in the gritty slums of East America. His mother was a Nina Simone vinyl and his father a turntable. As a kid he listened to his mother’s songs and his father’s raps. Mo loved them but was bullied into denying their greatness. He knew deep down that the other East Americans were wrong. He was a product of greatness but for some reason they didn’t see it. He denounced his parents and joined the music scene in East America rising through the ranks as an undeniable skilled force. He was the greatest in the land and all of East America recognized him for it. When W.E.L. Spoken began his villainous mission to destroy East America, the city dwellers turned to Momoh for help. The villagers asked him to fight alongside them and placed all of their hope in him. Momoh was the only person in East America that W.E.L. Spoken feared. One day the two went to battle and in the epic war W.E.L. Spoken was seriously weakened. When the moment came to end W.E.L. Spoken’s reign of evil, Momoh made one big mistake. He allowed W.E.L. to play one last beat. When the bass thumped and the instruments kicked in, it took over Momoh’s soul. He heard that same paternal influence – and even a vocal sample that sounded just like his mother. Hearing his parents’ sound amplified to sheer brilliance, he looked around and saw that the people he was fighting for were not his people at all. They were his enemies and he now saw his adversary as a brother. The beat took control of Momoh and turned him evil, causing him to turn his back on East America. Momoh became one of W.E.L. Spoken’s most powerful weapons and joined the legion’s beats, beasts, and terrors.

Now Momoh, Mason, and W.E.L Spoken are the last of their kind. They are the East Americans.


released May 16, 2012

All songs created by Mason, Momoh Pujeh, and W.E.L. Spoken.




East Americans Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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